Temporary Tattoo Don’ts

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The tattoo is really a great experience, but there are a few things that people need to be aware of before he decided to go on the boat tattoo. Like everything in the world, they are the negatives and positives to something. It is no different when considering a tattoo. However, there are a few tattoo ink kits prohibitions, that people must have knowledge on.Below is a list of tattoo Dont these. If these suggest, you have to have a large tattoo experience.* Do not use same-tattoos: an attempt to give yourself a tattoo is very dangerous and more often than not, can lead to infection or certain serious health complications. Believe it or not is the art of the tattoo. You have to know how deeply penetrate the skin and place the body, is another.* Do not let the tattoo done in place of unhealthy: Barren and clean tattoo equipment and materials should always be used for tattoos. Make sure that the tattoo artist opens fresh needles for each customer and that always wear disposable gloves.* Do not let the infection go: If you have any doubts about the tattoo-looking red or very sore, you should contact your doctor.* Will not swim: stay away from the swimming pools, the ocean or the tub for at least 4 weeks after you get the tattoo. Believe it or not can cause the ink to disappear very quickly.* Do not play in the Sun: the Sun tattoo number one enemy. Stay away from the Sun or tanning beds until tat is fully cured and always wear SPF 45 or higher after exposure to the Sun.* Do not drink and take drugs: alcohol thins the blood, which will cause you to bleed more, which is not a good thing, because the tattoo artist may be harder to do a good job, if you are heavy vent.Your Friend TattooAshley

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