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The art of tattooing, which has its roots in the most ancient cultures in the world, we are witnessing a renaissance of late. While in the recent past the soldiers, sailors and members of youth subcultures are the only people who wore fairy temporary tattoos these days, it is just as likely is a girl or boy next door will have one like every punk rock musician.While there are practically endless designs that abound in the world of tattoo, one of the most enduring flowers. Flowers in all their myriad variety and colour-yellow, pink, red, purple, blue-has always held a special place in our hearts. Have used them over the centuries in our religious traditions to decorate our bodies and homes, as well as to give to other people as an expression of our love and affection. It is therefore not surprising that colorful tattoos were in use almost as long as tattooing as an art has existed.Of course, when people choose tattoo designs, they basically want to express your own unique personality. Tattoo artists understand this need and are endless varieties of flowers tattoo designs, so much so, that you will find even the common rose in a myriad of sizes, shapes and images. The choice to become a virtually endless if flower tattoo design is combined with other tattoo designs like butterflies, hearts, or fairies, to create a tattoo kinda looks like no other. For example, female tattoo armband can be created through the design of the vine of roses and exotic orchids, entwined with water lilies, leaves and tiny fairies. For men, colorful tattoos can be created using geometric and symmetrical patterns of Celtic or tribal artwork.Apart from their beauty, colorful tattoos contact us of the natural world because the flowers symbolize fertility, procreation, death, and rebirth-infinite cycle of life.In addition, the different colors of the flowers used in tattoos are also a symbol of different things. For example, the color red can mean passion, white flower signifies purity. Below are a few popular flowers that are chosen as tattoo designs, along with what they symbolize:Rose: Rose has always held a special place in our hearts, which is why it’s no surprise that he is one of the most popular themes for tattoos. While each type of rose can mean different things to different people, but over time, each type of rose is associated with some traditional meanings, such as the rose one of the most eloquent flowers. White roses convey simplicity and charm pink roses whisper of clandestine love; yellow roses, rather darkly, reported a reduction of love, or warn about jealousy, or to leave the past is past; Rosebuds portray innocence and youth, and Red Roses, of course, are the eternal symbol of love and passion.Lily: is not the fascinating differences in the importance of each type of lily. Cala bespeaks the beauty and gentle humility; Frog lilies represent disgust, waterlily is a sign of purity of heart; day lily koketstvo Lily, yellow means describes flirtatiousness and koketstvo, white lily, sweetness and purity, and Tiger Lily challenge whispering urgently to be loved.Hibiscus: this beautiful flower says that originally came from the southern part of China, which was then taken to the Pacific Islands, and found his way to the United States in 1842. Hibiscus symbolizes the delicate beauty.Lotus as his roots in India and Egypt, this flower is inextricably intertwined with religious customs, legends and myths of these ancient cultures. Tattoo Lotus symbolizes enlightenment, peace, wealth, kindness and beauty. In the West, it is estranged love together with the longing he suggests.Daisy: basically, daisies symbolize innocence, although they are associated with different types of daisies your own unique importance.For example, dimitrovche is used for goodbye, colorful daisies depict beauty, white Daisy which grows in the wild whispers to think about issues.Daffodil: this flower, with the passage of time, has come to mean a wide range of meanings, some of which are: unrequited love, hope, bait, and even took.Sunflowers: according to Greek legend, says that Clytia, who was a wonderful water spirit, fell hopelessly in love with Apollo, the deity of the Sun. Clytia stood up and made for nine days, admiration than love and hoping for his attention. But Apollo does not notice Clytia, therefore it has been transformed into a sunflower, which continues to have stricken your face to the Sun God, following him as he crosses the celestial Vault. In this way, the sunflower depicts the brilliance of zest.Of course, there are many, many more flowers, each with different meanings. When you get flower tattoo, it can be so bold and big as you want it to be or gentle and small. Regardless of this flower tattoo can choose whether Lotus, Daffodil, rose, this will mean something special and unique for you.

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